Blood Centre Accreditation Programme

Blood Centre Accreditation

Accreditation Standards on Blood Centres/ Transfusion Services shall improve the quality & safety of blood during (a) Collection/ donation (b) Processing (c) Testing (d) Issuing/ distribution/ Transfusion. Accreditation result in high quality of care to patients by ensuring availability of safe blood and blood products to the right patient in the right time and right quantities.
  1. Organisation and Management
  2. Accommodation and Environment
  3. Personnel
  4. Equipment
  5. External Services and Supplies
  6. Process Control
  7. Identification of Deviations and Adverse Events
  8. Performance Improvement
  9. Document Control
  10. Records
  11. Internal Audit and Management Review
  1. Unique programme, very few countries have an accreditation programme on blood bank
  2. Ensures standardisation of protocols leading to adherence to quality and safety protocols in a blood centre
  3. Improves the skills and competencies of staffs of the blood bank.
  4. Increases community confidence as adherence to accreditation standards ensures provision of safe blood and blood products for transfusion
  5. Helps in promoting medical tourism
Blood Centre with license can apply for NABH Accreditation.

All aspiring Blood Centres desirous to achieve accreditation can apply online by registering on the NABH website.

To view the complete fee structure please visit important links on NABH website followed by fee structure under quick links.

< 5000 unit per annum 5001-20,000 unit / annum >20,000 unit / annum
Blood Bank/Blood Centres Application Fee:10,000/- Annual Fee: 50,000/- Virtual Assessment Fee: 2,000/- Plus GST@18% Application Fee:25,000/- Annual Fee: 75,000/- Virtual Assessment Fee: 2,000/- Plus GST@18% Application Fee:40,000/- Annual Fee: 1,00,000/- Virtual Assessment Fee: 2,000/- Plus GST@18%

There are two training programmes being conducted for Blood centre accreditation

  • Two day Programme on Implementation (POI): The POI can be scheduled as an open programme. NABH advertise the date and city and participants register directly for the programme. The POI is also done for one organization, this is called a closed programme. The POI in this case is conducted for the employees of that orgnisation.
  • Half day Awareness Programme: This is a awareness programme and NABH advertise the same in our website for participants to register directly.
The standards can be purchased online and the hard copy of the standard shall be dispatched to the address submitted while purchasing the same. Cost for the same is Rs. 1000/-

To obtain a copy of NABH standard, kindly click on the below shown cover page

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