Empanelment Programme CGHS

Important Announcement:

Healthcare Organizations (Private hospitals, eye hospitals/ centres, dental clinics, diagnostic laboratories, Imaging centres and physiotherapy centres) are required to apply to QCI-NABH for processing of the CGHS and ECHS applications only through the online portal, www.ece.nabh.co
Applications for inspections for the purpose of empanelment of CGHS and ECHS in the physical form shall not be accepted by QCI-NABH with effect from 15th November 2022.
Kindly note:
  1. Only those hospitals/diagnostic centres/ eye centres/ dental centres can apply for QCI inspection which are already empanelled under CGHS scheme.
  2. QCI recommendation regarding particular hospital/ diagnostic centre does not mean automatic empanelment by CGHS. QCI will keep on adding to the list as and when recommendation for individual hospital/diagnostic centre is finalised.


National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH-QCI) has been entrusted with the task of assessing hospitals as per set criteria for empanelment of Hospitals with Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).

About Schemes

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS):
It is a health care facility scheme providing Comprehensive medical care to the Central Government employees and pensioners enrolled under the scheme across the India.
CGHS in order to ensure quality Healthcare services to all its beneficiaries has gone into MoU with Quality Council of India (QCI) for assessment of Hospitals on behalf of CGHS for empanelment. NABH-QCI empanelment program based on the application format specified for empanelment under CGHS and Based on the assessment, NABH-QCI will submit its recommendations to the CGHS and also display on website at sapple.co.in/nabh
How to apply for CGHS empanelment?
Completely filled application form along with covering letter by the HCO on their letter head to be submitted to NABH office. (Hard copy only)
How much is the Fees?

Fee structure depends on the type of facility and bed strength which can be viewed in the application form itself in the website.

Less Then 100 Beds More Then 100 Beds Diagnostic, Eye and Dental Centers
CGHS Empanelment
Empanelment Fees:30,000/- Plus GST@18%
Empanelment Fees:35,000/- Plus GST@18%
Empanelment Fees:25,000/- Plus GST@18%

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