Ethics Committee Accreditation Programme

The Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) would provide composite/ integrated services for the rehabilitation of the substance dependent person. IRCA is responsible for preventive education and awareness generation which target groups (vulnerable and at risk groups) in their neighborhood. IRCA envisages total recovery of the addicted person leading to his socio economic rehabilitation through an appropriate combination of individual counseling. IRCA also aim to enabling the addict to achieve total abstinence and improve the quality of their lives. The detoxification services would be provided for safe and ethical management of withdrawal symptoms. The addict would be helped to overcome the desire to use drugs even when he is in situations which were once tempting.

To further ensure the quality of service delivery in IRCA centres, NISD initiated a process of accreditation of the centres by an independent agency. The accreditation of the IRCA centres involves assessment of the functioning of the centres by a team of assessors on the basis of a standardized tool developed specifically for this purpose. The evaluation focusses on the compliance of the IRCA services with the NISD guidelines and SOPs, quality of services provided and performance of the centres in terms of client uptake and retention. In addition, the infrastructure available for IRCA implementation and capacity of the staff is also assessed during the evaluation. The centre which meet the acceptable standards of IRCA delivery are provided accreditation certificates by the independent agency which makes them eligible for continued support from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.


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