Medical Imaging Services Accreditation Program

Medical Imaging Services Accreditation

Medical Imaging Services (MIS) standards are developed to be patient-focused, to cover the functions and systems of a whole diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology service, & to address quality in service delivery and support quality improvement. These standards can be used by the MIS Centres to enter the realm of systematic quality management across a healthcare organization. The standards cover the vitals of quality and safety management and would facilitate in delivering high-quality care. The standards for NABH Accreditation for Medical Imaging Services provide general guidelines pertaining to all diagnostic and interventional imaging services.

Outline of MIS Accreditation Standards

  1. Access, Assessment and Patient Care (AAPC)
  2. Imaging Procedures and Interpretation (IPI)
  3. Facility Management and Safety (FMS)
  4. Equipment, Material, and Medications (EMM)
  5. Management of Quality and Safety (MQS)
  6. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  7. Information Management Systems (IMS)
  1. Improved level of community confidence and trust
  2. Safety and quality into focus
  3. Roadmap for standardization
  4. Patient centered culture
  5. Systems oriented approach
  6. Improved patient satisfaction levels
  7. Improved health outcomes
  8. External recognition
  9. Enhanced reputation
All Medical Imaging Service Providers who are either standalone / a part of an existing healthcare organization/chain of imaging centers.
All aspiring MIS Centres desirous to achieve accreditation can apply online by registering on the NABH website.
Fees towards accreditation depend on the size of the healthcare organization. To view the complete fee structure please visit important links on NABH website followed by fee structure under quick links.
Small Practice 1 modality Medium Practice 2 modalities Large Practice 3 or more than 3 modalities
Medical Imaging Services (MIS) Application Fee:10,000/- Annual Fee: 30,000/- Virtual Assessment Fee: 2,000/- Plus GST@18% Application Fee:15,000/- Annual Fee: 40,000/- Virtual Assessment Fee: 2,000/- Plus GST@18% Application Fee:20,000/- Annual Fee: 60,000/- Virtual Assessment Fee: 2,000/- Plus GST@18%
NABH conducts various training and awareness programmes round the year regularly. It is advisable that the aspirant healthcare organizations attend Training Programme on Implementation (POI) for better understanding the standards.
The desired standards can be purchased online and the hard copy of the standard shall be dispatched to the address submitted while purchasing the same. Cost of the same is Rs. 1000/-

To obtain a copy of NABH standards, kindly click on the below shown cover page

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