Mr. Chakravarthy T. Kannan, Secretary General, Quality Council of India (QCI), brings with him a distinguished career spanning leadership positions in the automotive and logistics sectors. He has led several key national organizations and global business expansion initiatives. With extensive experience as CEO of Mobility at Mahindra Logistics, where he successfully turned around complex B2B and B2C operations to achieve a positive PAT, Mr. Chakravarthy brings a wealth of expertise in strategic management and business transformation. He has also led several business transformations such as ‘Digital Product Development e-NPI’, ‘Quality Crusade’, ‘Geelantheid – a billion-dollar Global business setup’. As the founder of CATAPULT, an industry-first tech-based incubator, he has demonstrated a keen ability to drive innovation and accelerate user case maturation, earning recognition from industry giants like Shell and Intel.

His prior roles as Business Head and Senior VP at Mahindra & Mahindra have equipped him with strategic acumen and a proven track record of spearheading global business expansion initiatives and driving organizational growth.

With his rich sea of experience, coupled with an MBA in Corporate Strategy from Ross Business School and a background in Industrial Engineering, Mr. Chakravarthy is poised to lead QCI towards new heights of excellence and innovation in quality standards.

Mr. Chakravarthy T. Kannan


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