1. Note for applicant HCO's


3. Transition Plan for Blood Banks for Implementation of NABH Standards, 2nd Edition

4. Revised Fee Structure of Dental Health Care Service Providers
(w.e.f August 26, 2013)

5. NABH Invites Articles for The Journal of NABH

6. ASQua Newsletter 4th Issue (2011)

7. Invite applications for National Tourism Awards 2010-11

8. Accreditation Time line (in table form )

9. For the attention of all NABH Accredited Hospitals and those undergoing process
Requirement of Patient Satisfaction Surveys for NABH Accredited Hospitals

10. Addendum to Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 3rd Edition, November 2011

11. Patients’ Charter
(Comments are invited)

12. NABH Standard Accreditation Agreement
For Public Comments

13. Clarification on Fire Safety Requirements for Hospitals

14. NABH contact address has been changed.
Kindly refer the contact page for full details.

15. NABH Standards for Blood Storage Centre
NABH standards for blood storage centre have been drafted by Technical committee of NABH and contain complete set of standards for evaluation of blood storage centre for grant of accreditation...

16. The super specialty hospitals applying for ECHS empanelment
The super specialty hospitals applying for ECHS empanelment must be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Health care providers (NABH). For others who are already empanelled under ECHS would have to obtain final accreditation from NABH within 18 months failing which they shall be removed from ECHS panel

17. Revision of Fee Structure - Hospital Accreditation

18. Advisory on Programme for Preparedness

19. MoU between QCI and CGHS for AYUSH Hospitals empanelment

20. Information for CGHS Empanelled Centre

21. Notice: Comments invited on draft accreditation standards for Clinical Trial Sites, Ethics Committees and Investigators



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